Frequently Asked Questions

You can focus on your own profession while we look after your accounts and taxes.

Yes, they can. There is no need for special permissions whatsoever.

It takes 1 or maximum 2 days to set up a company in Hungary.

Yes, you do. Our company can recommend bona fide solicitors who will prepare the necessary documents and arrange the registration in a professional manner.

Yes, we can. Furthermore, we help you to get good banking conditions, as well.

Currently, the corporate tax is 9%.

27% for most products and services. In some particular cases, it can be lower (18% or 5%).

It depends on the particular type of the firm you wish to establish. Our experts can help you to choose the appropriate company form.

Hungary has signed double taxation treaties with near half of the countries of the Globe. Our experts can help you to avoid paying the tax twice, knowing the appropriate regulations.

Yes, you can. We have got special discounted offers for startup companies to provide all-inclusive services.

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