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How Can a Tax Advisor Help You in Hungary?

Taxation is a complicated, delicate and important area for many people, and its rules often vary from year to year.

We try to do it well since it is in everyone's interest. However, businesses do not always have enough time, expertise, and patience to adapt to a variety of obligations and opportunities, so it may be necessary to ask for help from a tax consultant – especially if you are not familiar with Hungarian taxation rules.

Tax advisers contribute to a successful taxation keeping in mind the interests of businesses, individuals, and organizations with control and advisory functions. With a good tax adviser, hundreds of thousands of forints can be won on finding a favorable taxing opportunity or avoiding pitfalls.

The tax adviser's duties may include the followings:

  • A Hungarian tax advisor is completely aware of the Hungarian taxation system and its legislative rules. Therefore, he or she can help you in any way, to fulfill your businesses obligations, and to find the optimal way of taxation – that fits exactly your business. 
  • He or she continuously monitors the changes in the tax system and legislation and builds a professional relationship with tax authorities and professional organizations.
  • Taxpayers (eg. tax audits) represent the taxpayer, ensuring that he or she can fully enjoy his or her rights.
  • The tax advisor pays attention to the opportunities that the customer can make when taxing. He or she examines the benefits you receive, where you can get tax savings, you can get tax refunds.
  • Make proposals and recommendations to his or her clients in the field of finance, with particular regard to the tax obligation, tax optimization, and the use of accounting rules.
  • Takes into account risk-taking considerations, makes recommendations for reducing tax risks.
  • If necessary, prepare tax returns and verify and validate them. The tax advisor prepares internal analyzes and tax plans.

Many times it is high enough to follow the daily operation of your business, to manage its running and consider further developments in your business. Therefore, the help of a tax advisor makes the financial operation of your firm smooth and ensures its legal operation. Especially considering the fact, that every country has its own legislation, which means that no one from a foreign country can expect, that operating according to the rules of his mother country will be appropriate in Hungary too. A successful business starts with the knowledge of the destination country.

Mar 29th, 2018

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